Who Is Responsible For Storm Water Drains?

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The stormwater drains are a vital part of the plumbing system. It helps to regulate the excess rainwater and ensure that it moves out of your property. Moreover, blockage in the stormwater drains can lead to a wide range of issues.  For instance, the foul odour or the backup of the contaminated water can lead to potential health hazards. If you want to know who is responsible for storm water drains, you must know more about the stormwater drains.

In that case, knowing who is responsible for storm water drains is essential. In Australia, as per the general rule, stormwater drains and pipes that are present on your property fall on the responsibility of the homeowners. But, when it moves out of your property, it becomes the responsibility of the local council. Moreover, there are various stipulations when it comes to different territories and states.

What is Storm Water Drains?

Stormwater drains collect the rainwater and make sure that it flows away from the surface of your property. Moreover, these ultimately collect in the drainage system at the local council. After that, the release of the stormwater to the nearby water bodies occurs. That is precisely why taking care of the stormwater drainage is so vital. However, issues with the stormwater drains can lead to severe consequences to the environment like flooding, pollution, etc.

Working of the Storm Water Drains

Rainwater from the building collects into the stormwater drains. Then, it flows into the drainage system of the respective city or town council. The stormwater drains are designed as per the Australia/ New Zealand 3500.3:2018 Plumbing and Drainage Standard. Are you curious to know who is responsible for storm water drains?

The stormwater system consists of three different types of drainage. This includes subsoil, surface, and soil.

However, the stormwater does not pass through any sewage treatment plants. It directly goes into the water bodies. That is why you must be careful of what goes in the stormwater pipes.

Responsibility for the Storm Water Drains

Are you ready to know who is responsible for storm water drains?

The rules and regulations of the stormwater drains differ depending on the state and territories of Australia. Check out some of them here.

Australian Capital Territory

In the Australian Capital Territory, the management of the stormwater drains is done by Transport Canberra and City Services.

South Australia

Here, the stormwater drains that are located on your property are your responsibility. However, when the pipes enter the council land, it is not your duty anymore. From here, the local government will take care of it.

Western Australia

Here, the Department of Water regulates the different roles in stormwater management. Moreover, in Western Australia, the local government is responsible for the maintenance of the stormwater drains.


In Tasmania, any issue related to the stormwater drains is the duty of the local council. However, in the cases where there is a mix of sewage and stormwater problems, it is the responsibility of the TasWater.


In Queensland, homeowners manage the stormwater drains on your property. Outside of the property, it is the duty of the local council.

Northern Territory

Here, any problem pertaining to the installation, replacement, and management of the stormwater drains falls under the responsibility of the local councils.

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There are various reasons that can lead to issues with the stormwater drains. However, regular maintenance of these pipes and drains can help to prevent blockage. This is where explicit information on who is responsible for storm water drains is crucial. Nobody wants to foot a bill that is not their responsibility. In most cases, if it falls on your property, then it’s your duty, and if it moves away, then the local council will take care of it

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