What are The Signs of Sewage Back Up?

Sewage backups are the most hectic of all sewage problems that you will ever face, preventing these is always a better option than treating them once they occur. To prevent these, identifying the problems that lead to a sewage backup is very crucial. So, not ignoring the major signs of that can be noticed before a back up occurs, noticing these and preventing the back ups from happening will make a great difference for you.

Signs of Sewage
Signs of Sewage

Here are The Few Signs That Can Be Noticed Before a Sewage Backup Occurs:

  • Odour From Your Drains –

    Before the occurrence of the back up which brings waste water from sewage to your house and with this, an unhygienic environment which exposes you to a number of diseases, the back up brings the smell of the waste. The bad odour of the sewage waste can be noticed through your drainage pipes which is a big signal and warning of the coming disaster. The disgusting smell brings disgusting water waste to your house and this process is known as a sewer back up. Noticing this and taking this as a big warning sign can prevent the coming disaster from happening. 
  • Clogging of More Than One Pipe at Once –

    When a sewer is about to back up and reach the surface of your house, the waste water is staying in the pipes and creates clogging. Clogging is common but if all the pipes in your house clogs at the same time start to clog then it is surely a sign of the upcoming waste to your house. Take this as a warning and get expert plumbing help as soon as possible. This should never be ignored as the upcoming mess can still be prevented at this point.
  • Bubbles Formed in Drains and Toilets –

    When sewage is about to back up, while using the drains or toilet, bubbles can be noticed in the water. This is due to the acidic, unhealthy sewage water coming to the surface of your toilet. When clean water is on top and sewage water just under the clean water layer, bubbles are formed on the surface representing the coming of the sewage water on the top and getting on your home’s surface. This can be noticed and immediate professional help should be seeked in situations like these.
  • Slow Drainage of Water –

    When a backup is about to occur, your waste water doesn’t go down the drain the way it should. The water may pool in your sink and drain very slow. This can happen because of some garbage stuck in your pipe but if this can be seen in more than one pipe in your house then there is a chance that the water is reaching your way. Open the pipes and clean them thoroughly to get rid of this clogging, if the problem doesn’t get solved then surely the waste water is coming your way. Check the pipes and if the problem not solved, call for professional help to get things go good again. 
  • Sewage Coming Out –

    When you see sewage water coming out of the pipes at your home, it is a sure shot sewage back up occurring. Before the problem gets bigger and your house is filled up with sewage water, call a Plumbing Marrickville professional and seek the help to get rid of the mess in your house. 

A sewage back up occurs slowly and the waste water coming out of your pipes is the starting of the big upcoming disaster, don’t just wipe the waste water into the pipes again as it will again reach your surface and cause problems like an unhealthy and smelly environment. 

Sewage back ups can be prevented even at the last minute, noticing the above signs and working on them as soon as possible is the way for you to prevent the mess and tackle the situations emergently. Ignoring these signs will lead to a mess in your bathroom which you will have to deal with then and there only.